How many recipes do you know?

By : Kendrick Langston Date : August 1, 2023

How many recipes do you know?

The Joyous Adventure into the World of Recipes

It's funny how life pans out sometimes. I'm Kendrick. No, not that Kendrick, I don’t rap. But I can chop carrots pretty quickly and stir a mean spaghetti sauce. When I get asked, "Kendrick, how many recipes do you know?", the answer can run quite frankly into the hundreds, if not thousands, depending on the day. But you're not reading this to hear my humble brags, are you? You're here to learn about the magical and expansive world of recipes, where cooking a new dish is like embarking on a fresh quest for culinary treasure. So, tighten your apron strings and let's get to work!

Tapping Into Your Personal Culinary Library

Let's kick things off with the question ‘how many recipes do YOU know?’ Now, don't panic. I'm not suggesting you're Gordon Ramsey undercover. No pressure, mate! Now, if you disregard the showy terminology, and the presentation skills that only a MasterChef finalist could pull off, I bet your fingers will run out before your recipe list does. My point? Many of us know more recipes than we give ourselves credit for! Think about it. That grilled cheese sandwich you nailed down at the age of ten? Recipe. The chili con carne your mum taught you? Recipe.

There's immense joy in revisiting these familiar tastes, kind of like returning home after a long day. They're comfort, tradition, and nostalgia all rolled into one scrumptious dish. But herein too lies a riddle. Is it enough to know just these recipes?

Exploring Unknown Culinary Landscapes

The world of recipes is as vast as a never-ending coastline. And just as every grain of sand is unique, so is every recipe. Each new recipe you learn is like discovering a new island along this coastline, with its unique fauna and flora, its traditions and flavours. The more you explore, the richer your knowledge becomes, the more instinctive your cooking grows.

I enjoy challenging myself with a new recipe every week or so. Sure, there have been some disastrous attempts, like the time I mistook sugar for salt in a chocolate cake recipe. Trust me, nothing good comes out of that mistake... apart from a really good laugh and a lifetime of anecdotes to tell.

Your Recipe Count: Quality Vs Quantity?

So now the big question: How many recipes should you know? Should you be like one of those grand libraries, filled with thousands of dusty old volumes (recipes) that no one reads? Or should your approach be more like those trendy, minimalist homes, where every piece of furniture (recipe) has a story and a purpose?

I believe it's not a competition about knowing the most recipes but rather knowing the right ones, the ones that you enjoy preparing and savouring. It's about being adventurous enough to keep expanding your repertoire, testing, trying, failing, and trying again. Cooking reflects life, after all!

Recipes: A Culinary Time Machine

Here's a story that's still simmering on my sentimental stove. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a handwritten recipe by my Nana for her famous lemon meringue pie. Memories of Sunday lunches and her deliciously tangy pie wafted back to me. Armed with zest and sentiment, I decided to recreate it.

What unfolded was pure magic. As a stirred, mixed and baked, I travelled back in time, walking in Nana's culinary shoes. Those handwritten instructions were far more than just a recipe. They were a ticket to another era, a personal piece of family history that had been handed down, unchanged, through generations. And when that first tangy-sweet bite melted in my mouth, I knew I had succeeded in recreating more than just a dish.

The Never-Ending Recipe Journey: A Delicious Adventure

So, do I have a finite number of recipes that I know? Probably, if I had the patience to count!! But here's the thing - Does it matter? I'd say, not at all! After all, knowing a recipe is not the end game. It’s actually just a beginning, a launching pad into the world of endless culinary adventures. Recipes are guides, but it's the adventure they lead us on that matters most.

The process of cooking, experimenting, learning, and sharing flavours means we’re continuously evolving as cooks, even when we don’t have the recipe book open before us. Recipes come and go, but the joy of cooking stays. So, go on, be bold, cook, create. After all, life is too short for boring food!

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